Gray jay on Baldpate Mountain (photo by Webmaster)

Liability Policy

In joining any hike, you have consented to exempt any and all organizers and other participants from any liability in any form for injury, loss or illness that you may experience in the process. The Seacoast Dayhikers does not have assets or insurance. We do not take responsibility for your safety or well-being. Everyone participating in any of these activities assumes total responsibility for themselves. No one is a trained or licensed leader. You are advised to assess your own level of ability in joining a hike, and must rest or turn back if you feel you are exceeding your capabilities.

In the event we have a group of more than ten congregated at the trailhead for a scheduled hike into a designated wilderness area, the hike leader must break the group into smaller groups of 10 or less by asking others to be a willing co-lead.

Weather Policy

Don't assume you will be contacted within a couple days of a hike about whether it is on or not. You should check the weather and trail conditions for the area where you will be hiking. If you are not willing to hike in those conditions, then don't, whether you are the leader or not.

If you are the hike leader, attempt to contact people who have RSVP'ed with your decision, put a message on your phone, and attempt to contact a club coordinator to send a general email to all members.

If you are a member, don't proceed to the trailhead in bad weather unless you are willing to hike alone if no one else shows up.

Large Groups

When hiking in designated wilderness areas of the White Mountain National Forest, hiking groups must be kept to ten or less. If a larger group assembles, we will break into smaller sub-groups with a willing member acting as a co-leader of each group. Please hike in single file and practice "no trace left behind" principles when in wilderness areas.