There's no cost to join the hikes (other than gas for driving and sometimes a small parking fee) but if you want to subscribe to the email newsletter, it's $10 for the season (March to February) to cover those "publishing" costs. We also try to get notices of upcoming hikes posted in a few newspapers.

Fire tower on Smarts Mtn. (photo by Mark Malnati) Our newsletter comes out in between hikes and it reports on the hike that just occurred and gives the details for the upcoming hike - such as where and when to meet and what trail we'll be taking, etc. We usually meet at certain "rendezvous" spots and then carpool with whoever shows up. Many times, at least part of the group, will stop for ice cream on the way home (gotta replace all those calories!).

Rays from Cannon (photo by Mark Malnati) To subscribe to the newsletter, contact us at to pay by check.

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All in all, it's a fun time with cool people and wonderful scenery.